Salt & Light

Salt and Light

A smooth, comfortable life is a blessing. And a business education certainly can pave the way for such a life. But to live as Christ commands — to be a light in a dark world — and to live out the…

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Pie for Everyone

Mendoza News

Take a negotiations class? Seriously? Maria Bailey (EMBA ’16) was pretty sure she could teach it. She negotiates all the time as the owner of a multimillion-dollar marketing agency, BSM Media. And…

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Out of Office


Mendoza faculty members know that teaching doesn’t happen only in the classroom, nor advising in an office. Sometimes, you have to take it outside.   Ed Hums recalls a conversation years ago with…

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IT Girl

Mendoza Profiles

Alexa Monn, a junior-year IT management and German major, has been enticed by technology for a long time. “I’ve always loved playing with gadgets and figuring things out,” she says. “I’m kind of like…

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