Spring 2013

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Letters from our readers are edited for space, are representative of those we receive, and reference articles printed in Notre Dame Business Fall 2012.

A Mom Story

A beautiful uplifting story. Thank you so much for sharing it, DeAnn, and my sincere admiration to you and Matt. You are both an inspiration. Reading this story brought me to tears, tears of appreciation for all you have been through and transcended, and tears of joy and gratitude for the students and staff of Notre Dame, and gratitude to God that my son is a student and member of the Notre Dame community. May God bless you all.

Elaine Miram
Redwood City, Calif.

The selfless actions of the young men in the article titled “Taking Stock: A Mom Story” exemplifies the core principles and values of the University of Notre Dame.

Mary Dolan
Elizabethtown, Penn.

I was very fortunate to hear this story firsthand at the dinner table from my wife who works in Notre Dame’s Development Office. She and a co-worker were the ones responsible for planning the celebration that included Regis Philbin and Matt during the Michigan football weekend. Our son is a sophomore at Notre Dame and my wife shared this story with him. It is a perfect example of the kind of helpful and giving person that we would like him to be when he graduates from Notre Dame in 2015.

Dan Walsh | (’84)
Granger, Ind.

My son, Guy, was friends with Matt, actually living on the same section in O’Neill Hall. I didn’t know about Matt until much later when Guy would update us about his new life, and the O’Neill lives (not too much though) and told us about the boys helping Matt. You are an inspiration and I know Guy is a much better person for having known Matt. The Notre Dame family is truly special and I am so happy that our boys were able to be part of Matt’s life. Go Irish!

Patty Schwartz
Alton, Ill.

DeAnn and Mike Swinton, thank you for supporting Matt in his desire to attend Notre Dame and allowing him (and you) to become part of our family.

Kris Winningham | (MBA ’94, ’93) |
Sewickley, Penn.


This was such a heartwarming story of Matt’s time at Notre Dame. Hearing it from a mother’s viewpoint says it all. It is not easy being a mother of a disabled child. Sometimes—and actually I should say almost all the time—they are stronger than we think. It is a time of learning and letting go, which in this case was admirable and brave. Thank you for letting us hear inside your heart.

Carol Campbell
Prosper, Texas



Everyday Grace: The Grace of Seeking

Thank you so much for Prof. Cunningham’s reflections. Jesus’ revolutionary love makes sense to me, yet I’ve struggled with accepting the mysteries of Catholic dogma all of my adult life. Fear of the unknown, a consequence of the bondage of self, has been a near obsession. However, when I read [his] writings, I feel hope that my doubts will not conquer me. 

Eugene O’Malley | (’69)
Chicago, Ill.


Very well said—it is so true how we go from thinking we know everything to realizing we have so much to learn.

David Stanton
Woodridge, N.Y.


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