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Spring 2014

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Letters from our readers are edited for space, are representative of those we receive, and reference articles printed in Notre Dame Business Spring 2013.

So, A Nun, Two Priests and a Bishop Walk Into a Classroom

I could not agree more that to engage any associate in truly embracing the mission and values of an organization it is essential to acknowledge and respect their individuality and gifts. The program is to be commended for the structure.

Catherine Coltun | Crown Point, Ind.

A wonderful story, but please know the groundbreaker for MBA priests at ND was Fr. Hugh Keefer, a Benedictine monk from Atchison, Kan. Keefer was ordained in 1967, the same year he entered Dr. John Malone’s inaugural ND MBA class of ‘69. At the start, Fr. Hugh was a suspicious character with a coy smile in our midst, complete with black shirt and pants and white collar — while we were dressed in our ‘60s polyester bell-bottoms. In time he became our spiritual compass cajoling many of us to our first face-to-face confession in a pew in Sacred Heart, baptizer of our babies, an ‘A’ student and insightful contributor to our case studies ... and our friend. Having him in our class provided a unique dimension to our development that only could be found at Notre Dame. Try to find a saint like that in the 19 MBA programs that rank above Notre Dame. Fr. Hugh became CFO of Benedictine College. When he passed away in 2011, he was the athletic chaplain at Benedictine College where he died with a winning record in all things life.

Archie Sullivan (MBA ’69) |  Flagler Beach, Fla.

We’re Glad You’re Here

I think it is a shame that Dean Vincent Raymond’s work and Fr. Hesburgh’s vision to make ND coed are not even mentioned [in this article]. I was the first woman undergraduate from the University of Notre Dame and worked on Wall Street for 20 years. I’ve since raised money for women’s cancers. I’ve lead other community efforts in Richmond, Va.

Mary Davey Bliley (BBA ’72) | Richmond, Va.

The Swim Test

I will vouch for the au naturel swim testing in fall ‘69. Unfortunately, I did not pass and spent the fall semester in the pool swimming and diving at 8 a.m. at “The Rock.” The “loose-fitting jockey shorts” were similar to cotton diapers (no support) and had a drawstring with no elastic waistband. Availability was intermittent, and as I remember the man they referred to as “Ed” manned the counter where you picked up a fresh pair each session.

Richard Lechler (BBA ’73) | Long Beach, Calif.

Lucky Mike Bohan (BBA ‘64). He was issued “loose fitting jockey shorts” for his swim test. My class was not. Testing was inexplicably performed au naturel in the fall of 1969.

Michael J. Paulinus (MBA ’76) | Chicago, Ill.

Everyday Grace: True Love

I appreciate your definition of such love as heroic. We rarely view such a call to love as an opportunity to heroism. Marvel Comics feeds our youthful cravings to take a public stand and display great courage. Yet agape love suffers long outside the spotlight. It bears the weight of the least of the brethren. It believes the best in people. It endures all things. Genuine love is heroic.

Peter Hernandez | Irvine, Calif.

Pay or Play?

As of today, the lady of my house has lost her individual Anthem Blue Cross coverage because it did not meet the requirements of Obamacare. As a result, we have been forced to purchase a Blue Shield plan that does conform, but at a 30% increase in premiums and a 50% increase in deductible. The plan is not in any way preferable to her original coverage. Why have we chosen to hurt so many citizens just to help so few? My sincere hope is that this travesty will finally present liberal progressive political thought for what it is: a failed, heartless, selfish belief structure designed to reward the few with power while condemning the majority to a life with none. To end, I have never in my life felt such an intense and passionate dislike for those who still believe in that theory.

Robert Johnson (BBA, FIN ’65) | Bonsall, Calif.

Editor’s Letter

A friend sent us a copy of your touching piece on Mary Kate (Notre Dame Business Spring 2013, Editor’s Letter), and it was, in a word, unbelievable! Naturally, since it’s our daughter that you featured, we think it was a great article, but the message of the story went so far beyond any one individual, and had so much meaning. Kudos to you for putting together such a well-written and thoughtful piece.

Kelly and Kathy Kearney | Simsbury, CT

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