Big News

By Sally Anne Flecker | Spring 2014

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Christina Glorioso (FIN '95, MBA '99)

 Even before Christina Glorioso (FIN ’95, MBA ’99) took a position with NBC, she would DVR the broadcast giant’s Nightly News to watch while she gave her son, Chase, his evening bottle. “Whenever Nightly News comes on, he waves to Brian Williams. Every single night,” she says. “He gets his bottle, we sit on the couch together, I turn on Nightly News, and he waves hello to Brian Williams.”

Now Glorioso can wave to Brian Williams in person. She has just finished her first month at NBCUniversal News Group as senior vice president of advertising sales client solutions. She oversees sales marketing teams and develops unique marketing opportunities for clients across the news group, which, in addition to Nightly News, includes the Today Show, Meet the Press, MSNBC, CNBC and Special Reports.

With 20 years of experience in marketing under her belt from both the media and client perspectives, she’s already up and running. In fact, she sometimes starts her day at the crack of dawn with the crowd of people lined up outside Rockefeller Plaza for the Today Show. “We’re trying to be more fan-friendly and engage the consumer in the plaza and on air,” she says. “I was in the plaza doing my own little focus group and seeing how everything was working.” The rest of her day is typically spent jumping from meeting to meeting—new programming for MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the launch of Shark Tank on CNBC, conversations with GE, Microsoft, Bank of America. “News is as fast as any media I’ve worked with,” Glorioso says.

Today is Saturday, but she’s still working. She’s squeezed in time for an interview while 17-month-old Chase naps. A former boss used to tell her she lived an “overly fulfilled life.” That perspective works for her. “I’m busier than I’ve ever been,” she says, “but I’m also happier than I’ve ever been.”