Top Biz Comm Awards

Spring 2012

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Teams of Notre Dame MBA students took first, second and third places in the 2012 Arthur W. Page Society Case-Writing Competition in Corporate Communication, a competition field of 46 entries by 18 schools. The Notre Dame winning teams, judged by top communication officers and academics, included:

  • 1st Prize, Business Category:
    “Carnival Cruise Lines: Fire Aboard a Stranded Cruise Ship;” Russell Cramer, Sam DeLemos, Laura Divel
  • 2nd  Prize, Business Category:
    “Groupon Goes Public: Communication Strategy and Challenges;” Jun Frank and Eric Sauerhoff
  • 3rd Prize, Business Category:
    “Stoppage of Play: The Sony PlayStation Network Crash;” Xiao-Feng (John) Hsu and Shawn Do

Another significant achievement by three MBA students—Julia Durgee, Valerie Champoux and Lauren McGlynn—was the publication of their academic paper in the Journal of Business Strategy (Vol. 33, No. 2, 2012, pp. 22-30). “Corporate Facebook pages: When ‘fans’ attack” examined the reputational damage that can occur when a company—in this case, Nestlé—mishandles its social media strategy.