Closing the Culture Gap

Spring 2012

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A new online course offered by Notre Dame Executive Education aims to help managers negotiate the complex dynamics involved with increasingly diversified workforces. Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management, an eight-week course, is designed to help managers make effective use of cultural diversity to improve operational performance, while reducing the potential for conflict.

 “Business learning does not necessarily equate to cultural learning,” said teaching professor Elizabeth A. Tuleja, a noted expert in intercultural communication and global leadership who leads the course. “We erroneously believe that if we are good with our functional business skills, then the interpersonal and intercultural skills will simply follow.”

The course uses a combination of virtual classroom tools, online instructor-led discussions and streaming video with anytime access. It’s intended for a wide range of participants—from front-line managers and executives to organizational leaders, to technical professionals. Start dates for the course are set for the beginning of each month.