Newsworthy: Fall 2012

“People eat and drink and build up community in the process. It’s one last blowout before we hunker down for winter.”

John Sherry, Herrick Professor of Marketing
on his research co-authored with colleague Tonya Bradford that explores the brand-building function of tailgating
USA Today (Oct. 4)

“The owners’ arrogance and hubris led them to make a large wager that the referees’ job was so easy that they could hire replacements and no one would notice. Unfortunately, fans noticed.”

Richard Sheehan, Finance Professor on the NFL Referees Association lockout
Reuters News Service (Sept. 27)

“… (work) stress may have less to do with the objective features of the environment than to the genetic ‘code’ of the individual.”

Tim Judge, Franklin D. Schurz Professor of Management, on job-stress research
Forbes Magazine (Sept. 18)

“When the post office literally runs out of money to pay its employees and suppliers, that’s what it’s going to take to get Congress to act.”

James S. O’Rourke IV, Teaching Professor of Management on the USPS’ financial crisis
Bloomberg News (Aug. 10)

 “If anything, the bans seem to have unwanted effects of raising trading costs, lowering market liquidity and preventing short sellers from rooting out cases of fraud and earnings manipulation.”

Paul Schultz and Robert Battalio, Finance Professors on their research showing the consequences of the ban on short selling
The Wall Street Journal (Aug. 10)