Asking More - Michael Donovan ('99)

Summer 2010

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"Our operating budget and staff levels increased five-fold after the earthquake, and we need to create and upgrade systems.  While this may appear simple on paper, the practical application of creating systems for staff who, for instance, cannot read, is not."

Michael Donovan ('99) is learning quickly the intricate path between receiving a donation and reaching a malnourished child.  Recently hired as finance manager for the Children's Nutrition Program (CNP) of Haiti, he is living in the hard-hit community of Leogane, where 90 percent of the buildings were destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake, and helping to scale up operations to provide medical care, food and safe drinking for more displaced families.  A former global equity trader who was laid off in the recent financial crisis, Donovan and his wife Katy ('00) hope that their work with CNP will outlast the current tragedy in Haiti and help break the cycle of children growing up hungry.