Results of our Readership Surveys

By Mary Hamann | Winter 2011

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In 2010, we conducted two readership surveys—and gathered guidance from more than 500 readers on how to improve Notre Dame Business. One survey was sent by e-mail, the other was an insert in the spring/summer issue of the magazine.

Results were gratifying: 97 percent of respondents rated Notre Dame Business as excellent or good for conveying a sense of College mission and character; 95 percent rated it excellent or good for overall appearance, quality of writing and readability.

Respondents indicated very eclectic tastes, with 79 percent reporting that they were very interested or somewhat interested in each of eight different topic categories. Of these, respondents selected feature articles and college news as the subjects of greatest interest.

What about future topics? More readers asked for articles on ethical business behavior and corporate ethics than any other topic. Entrepreneurship and alumni success stories were also mentioned.

Magazine Delivery: Print or Electronic

Interestingly, respondents to the two surveys differed on whether they preferred to receive a print or an electronic version of the magazine. Only 6 percent of respondents who responded to the insert in the printed magazine indicated that they favored electronic delivery, while 45 percent of those responding to the email survey chose this preference. Further complicating the findings, 33 percent of respondents to the survey in the print magazine said they would like to receive the magazine both ways.

The survey gives us much to think about. Thank you.

One change we can implement easily is to offer readers the option of receiving Notre Dame Business electronically—instead of as a print publication—if you prefer it. 

Simply email us at  Be sure to include your name and address as it appears on the printed magazine so we can update our files.

A second change we have made is to print this issue on a new paper stock, which is made of 50 percent recycled content. And the paper is no more expensive than what we used before.

Look for other improvements to come.