Professor Judge's Research Findings

By Ed Cohen | Winter 2011

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Tim Judge has published 100 refereed articles and book chapters on how individual differences influence success in the workplace. Here’s a sampling of his findings which have often made national news and water-cooler conversation:

  • Good-looking people tend to make more money, are better educated and more confident, and they tend to work in more prestigious occupations. This applies to every profession, even economists.
  • Being overweight impacts women more than men. The highest-earning women are the thinnest, weighing less than 120 pounds. The highest-earning men tend to be chunky. Only when men become obese do the extra pounds become an obstacle to career success.
  • Smarter people are not happier. But they perform better at work, are better learners, have more stable work and personal lives, and are less likely to engage in deviant or inappropriate behaviors.
  • Beauty helps, but intelligence still exerts a stronger positive influence on income.
  • Taller people make more money. Each inch in height beyond the average amounts to about $789 more a year in pay. The advantage is more pronounced among men, but it’s significant for women, too.