By Melissa Jackson | Fall 2019

a resonado headset in the notre dame stadium next to a football helmetHEAR COME THE IRISH

Resonado, an audio technology startup company founded by Mendoza undergraduates in 2017, signed a deal to become the “Official Sound Partner of Notre Dame Athletics.” Company founders are Brian Cho (BBA ’19), Erikc Perez- Perez (BBA ’19), and Peter Moeckel (FIN ’20) and Christian Femrite (ND ’19).

Photo provided. 

a student holds up a large green canvas laundry bag that says taking care of business one load at a timeLAUNDRY BAG SWAG

Teressa White of Philadelphia, an intended finance major, poses with a laundry bag handed out during Welcome Weekend for Mendoza’s Class of 2023.

Photo by Jennifer Mayo.


Undergraduates in the Innovation & Design Thinking class taught by associate teaching professor Wendy Angst worked with Gigi’s Cupcakes this fall on a five-year business plan.

A student points at a cupcake


 a student takes a photo of a fancy cupcake with her cell phone

Photos by Matt Cashore (ND '94)


“Candor is being able to take input from your employees. What can we do better? What is it you think we should do better? No matter what they say, take it right, and then use it . . . . I believe that if people feel part of the decision, they have ownership of it; you execute at a completely different level than if you just sit there and do what somebody tells you to do.”

Tom Mendoza’s talk “Building a Vibrant Workplace Culture in Good Times and Bad” kicked off the new Dean’s Speaker Series. He is the former president and retired vice chairman at NetApp. Watch the lecture at

Tom Mendoza speaking to a crowd

Two guys have crickets crawling on themSTARTUP BUG

Senior finance major Jimmy Suszka and his friend, computer science major James Philhower, welcomed 80,000 crickets to their lives in September as part of their cricket farm venture. The pair identified an innovative way to raise crickets more efficiently, rented space in South Bend and signed on as a partner farmer with a company that processes the protein-packed insects into products like the Chocolate Chirp Cookie.

Photo by Barbara Johnston.



a student does a handstand while dancingJunior management consulting major Tatiana Pernetti has been dancing since age 4. She performs with Project Fresh, a hip-hop dance group on campus, and enjoys freestyling, which she says is a good way to get people out of their comfort zone. “Being able to randomly go and just dance some moves takes a lot of courage,” she says. She sees some parallels between freestyling and how consultants take their expertise and apply it to different situations.

And it takes similar courage, she notes, to “stand up in front of a bunch of people you hardly know and tell them what you think they should do.”

Photo by Matt Cashore (ND ’94)