Future Domers

By Peggy Bolstetter | Spring 2016


Michelle Love (BBA MARK) and husband, Jerry, welcomed a blessed addition to their family, baby number three, Harrison Lewis Love, on 11/05/15 in Fort Wayne, Ind. His older sister, Olivia and older brother, Owen, are over the moon with excitement.

Kirsten (MSA ’08, BBA ACCT ’07) and Ben (BBA MGT ’06) Ramsour, welcomed their first child, Brady Patrick, on Dec. 14, 2015 in Orlando, Florida. Kirsten is the daughter  of Mendoza’s Assoc. Dean Jeffrey Bergstrand.


Christina Glorioso (MBA, BBA FIN ’95) gave birth to identical twin boys, Jake Gallagher and Jesse Brennan Glorioso, on Sept. 29, 2015. Big brother, Chase, loves them deeply!