In Leaving ... An Amazing Legacy

By Christine Cox | Fall 2016

Five longtime faculty members retire from Mendoza

To accept the title of professor at Notre Dame means to welcome the responsibility of giving — faithfully, continually, unfailingly. Our professors give knowledge, skills, insight, advice and time that they could never have imagined investing.

Of course, none of this giving can be measured. Not even estimated.

Still, as we pondered the pending retirement of five distinguished Mendoza professors — Tom Cosimano, John Kennedy, Mike Morris, Bill Nichols and Bill Schmuhl Jr. — we wanted to account in some way for their commitment to students during their 174 combined years of service. So we asked the professors how many students they had taught and how many hours they had spent in the classroom. These numbers alone are incredible. But what is unmeasurable remains the most meaningful.

Additionally, we asked the professors what they have learned in the course of their careers. Turns out, their years of giving have given back to them.


Professor of Finance  |  Joined Notre Dame in 1987

“I have especially enjoyed the interaction with individual students who are striving to master the material in the classroom. In addition, I am pleased with the progress of and quality of the theses written by the students I have advised over the years. It also gives me great satisfaction to see the success made by these students as they advance in their various careers.”


Professor Emeritus of Marketing  |  Joined Notre Dame in 1962

“Being a professor is a remarkably rewarding life: It facilitates curiosity; it fosters and creates an environment where one is forced to reflect on the very nature of and meaning of life; it provides an environment of candor, youth, intellectual reflection and dialogue; it encourages freedom of expression and the pedestal from which to say what you truly think.”


Professor of Accountancy  |  Joined Notre Dame in 1979

“What an honor and privilege it is to work at Notre Dame with such talented colleagues and to teach in an environment where the students are so smart, hard-working, respectful and gracious.”


Professor of Accountancy  Joined Notre Dame in 1977

“I’ve learned how important a business education is to the women and men charged with improving both economic and political outcomes for those living in developing and developed countries.”


Associate Teaching Professor in Accountancy  | Joined Notre Dame in 2001

“I’ve learned that we all learn from each other and that learning is a journey without end.”