Faculty in the news

Fall 2016

From driverless cars to international tax havens, Mendoza faculty members have expertise in a broad range of trends and topics that affect our lives on a daily basis. Here’s a sampling of recent stories appearing in top media outlets quoting our faculty.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL | Active vs. Passive? Choose Both 

According to a study by Finance Professor Martijn Cremers, portfolios with high active share and long holding periods outperformed their benchmarks.

THE WASHINGTON POST |Samsung will stop making the Galaxy Note 7

It’s uncommon for a company to handle such a big problem without the help of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, says recall expert Kaitlyn Wowak, IT, Analytics, and Operations assistant professor.

THE MOTLEY FOOL | POs for the Little Guy: Platforms Advertise to Small Investors

In the rare cases when brokers did approach small clients about investing in an IPO, such offers might be met with suspicion, said Tim Loughran, finance professor.


NBC NEWS| $41 Million is Chicken Scratch Compared to What Stumpf Earned at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf’s generous stock options may have prompted greater risk taking, says Adam Wowak, Management & Organization assistant professor.


ASSOCIATE PRESS | Innovation, safety sought in self-driving car guidelines

Tim Carone, teaching professor for IT, Analytics, and Operations, says the Obama administration is trying to “manage the unknown” in creating guidelines for driverless cars.


REUTERS | EU risks trade impotency as critics target Canada deal

“There is clearly this momentum towards a protectionist attitude, back to what we had in the Great Depression,” says Finance Professor Jeffrey Bergstrand.


FOX NEWS | Uber exits the unicorn years and awkwardly steps into adolescence. Can it survive and thrive?

“Like many precocious teenagers, Uber seems to be going through a bit of a stormy experimental phase,” writes Mike Mannor, Management & Organization associate professor.


QUARTZ | Studies show people think caring about the environment is ‘feminine’

In a series of seven studies, Mendoza Marketing Professor James Wilkie found evidence that men may avoid green behaviors in order to protect their masculinity.


 USA TODAY | Apple-EU tax clash has others asking: Who’s next?

As the EU goes after Apple for unpaid back taxes in Ireland, other U.S.-based companies could be next, says Accountancy Professor Brad Badertscher.

SUCCESS | 4 Tips for Standing Up for What You Believe In

Acting morally courageous is simply a matter of mindset, says Ann Tenbrunsel, professor of business ethics.

YAHOO! | Why Women Reach for Lipstick During Harsh Economic Times

“In those studies, we found that as women’s economic concern increased, so did their desire for these beauty products,” says McKenzie Rees, Management & Organization teaching and research associate.