Mendoza Student Leadership Association (MSLA)

By Carol Elliott | Fall 2015

“Mendoza fosters a strong sense of inclusion, and I would like to see MSLA extend our inclusion to alumni. The initial support we received, whether through corporate sponsorships or putting together an alumni directory, has greatly improved how much we can accomplish for current students.”

– Robert Luttrell (FIN/ECON ’16), MSLA President


The motto of MSLA gets right to the point: Ask More. Do More. Be More.

It’s the group’s way of saying to the Mendoza undergraduate student body at large, let’s take full advantage of our time here, and strengthen the College’s legacy and sense of community for those to come.

Launched in 2013, MSLA seeks to connect students with the tools they need to make informed decisions on majors, class courses and extracurriculars; bring students, faculty and staff together through different events and activities; and help students discover their career paths through connecting them with mentors and by hosting information sessions. Ongoing initiatives include the Dinners with Professors program, peer mentoring, alternative career path information sessions and the spring gala.