Polling ND's first women business majors

Spring 2013

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From an email poll to which about 30 alumnae responded


    Marketing: 41%

    Accounting: 22%

    Finance: 22%

    Management: 15%

Went on to earn a graduate degree: 33%

Did/do you have a business career?

    Yes: 85%

Did you have children?

    Yes: 74%

Have opportunities for women in business improved?

    Yes: 100%

What are the biggest issues still facing women in business? (percentage of all mentions)

     Work/life balance: 45%

     Inequality of pay and opportunity, glass ceiling: 20%

     Male-dominant culture, good-old-boy network: 15%

     Women’s lack of confidence in their skills: 10%

     Insufficient lending to women startups: 10%

Why did you choose to enroll at Notre Dame?

Kristine Moravek (’74 MGT): “I was a transfer from Saint Mary’s
who was already taking the business curriculum at Notre Dame my sophomore year. Also, my father went to Notre Dame and I wanted
to follow in his footsteps.”

Margo Pellardy Kelly (’76 FIN): “My brother was there and he was
having a great experience.”

Christine (Carroll) Lang (’76 ACCT): “I transferred to Notre Dame as a sophomore the fall of 1973. I attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, Wash., my freshman year after growing up in Southern California. I actually followed my high school boyfriend to ND. I visited him during my freshman year spring break and interviewed with the admissions office, was accepted as a transfer student with a major in science and transferred in.”