Business for Non-Business Undergrads

Spring 2013

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Beginning June 2013, students earning bachelor’s degrees in science, English, philosophy and other non-business disciplines will have a new option for gaining a graduate business degree from the University of Notre Dame. The Mendoza College will launch its Master of Science in Business (MSB), an intense, yearlong program intended for individuals with little or no work experience. The aim of the program is to bridge a student’s undergraduate work with its application in a business context by providing fundamental business knowledge and skills.

“Business has vastly extended its power and reach in the last decade, and one result of this has been an increased need for people who can think broadly, but also strategically,” said Dean Roger Huang. “The Master of Science in Business will leverage nonbusiness knowledge with an education in areas vital to being able to lead projects and think critically in business. The program’s mission is very much in keeping with the larger mission of the University and College: to use business as a force for good in impacting the human community for the better.”

The MSB program takes place over three semesters—summer, fall and spring—and provides students with a thorough grounding in business fundamentals, such as accounting, finance, business ethics, marketing and management principles. In addition, the 44 hours of coursework includes two integrative courses that enable students to combine the knowledge and skills they gained through their undergraduate major with business fundamentals in a way that creates a unique personal brand.

Open to Notre Dame and non-ND graduates, enrollment is set at a maximum of 110 students. Each applicant will be assessed based on undergraduate academic transcripts, a GMAT or GRE score, letters of recommendation, an essay and other criteria. The Notre Dame Career Center will provide career placement services.