Management Chair

Fall 2012

David B. Hartvigsen, professor of management, was named the John W. Berry Sr. Chairman of the Management Department beginning July 2012.

Hartvigsen, who joined the Mendoza College faculty in 1993, has research interests in operations management, where he studies algorithms for the efficient operation of complex networks. Hartvigsen earned his doctorate in mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University and has taught courses in operations management, statistics and spreadsheet modeling to undergraduate, MBA and EMBA students. He has twice won the Outstanding Teacher Award from Notre Dame’s Executive MBA program and has published a textbook and software package on the topic of simulation.

“A significant trend in management is the ever-increasing importance of decision making based on empirical research and mathematical modeling,” he said. “Our department is interested, for example, in how the effectiveness of companies is related to the personality types of employees, the structure of the governing boards, compensation schemes, pricing mechanisms, the adoption of technology, and the design of supply chains. We study these sorts of issues in our research and bring what we and our colleagues discover into the classroom.”