Bloomberg Businessweek ranks Undergraduate Program No. 1

Summer 2010

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In March, Notre Dame jumped to the top spot on Bloomberg Businessweek’s fifth annual ranking of the best undergraduate business schools, moving up from the No. 2 spot last year.

The business school earned:

A+ teaching quality, job placement, and facilities and services
#1 in student ranking
#1 in recruiter ranking across a three-year average

“At the top of our ranking and in a year when unemployment was at the forefront of student concerns, Notre Dame fared well, thanks in part to a large alumni base willing to lend a hand to young job seekers,” noted the editors. “In the hopes of getting more students in front of recruiters, the school has started using Skype’s video capabilities for virtual interviews so companies don’t have to spend the money to travel to campus.”

Finishing in the second through fifth places were, in order, University of Virginia, MIT, Wharton and Cornell.

“I think our program’s focus on the big picture is somewhat unique in business schools these days,” said one student in the comment portion of the survey. “Many schools seem to focus too much on the fundamentals and skill set aspect of a business degree. I feel that I have very strong fundamentals, but also the training to know what to use these skills for.”

Student ratings also placed the Mendoza College of Business on eight top-ten lists out of 12 academic specialty rankings, including No. 1 in Ethics and Accounting.