Fall 2018

A sense of belonging and inclusion is a common human desire. We experience it when we long for family when we’re far from home, or in the affection for our workplaces and colleagues. For some, it’s in the bond with a military unit or athletic team. A sense of belonging is part of the reason we share our goals and aspirations with close friends. Close connections and common bonds are important elements of our lives.

For Notre Dame alums, our sense of belonging also is fulfilled by being part of the University that we love so much. It is a place that we can always come home to and where we are always welcome. It sustains us and lifts us in times of need. It challenges us to ask more of business and inspires us by asking what we would fight for. Notre Dame connects us.

For the past three years, I have had the honor of chairing the Graduate Alumni Board of the Mendoza College of Business, which has given me the opportunity to work with a truly fantastic team of alumni from all eras who represent all degree programs that Mendoza has to offer.

I am proud of the work we have done and the impact we are making for all of those looking to fill their sense of belonging. Our focus has been on four specific pillars designed to increase awareness and strengthen a connection to the University for our graduate alumni:

  • ADVANCEMENT — helping increase awareness of the value of financial contributions and the programs that they support.
  • ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT — leveraging the time and talents of our alumni back to Mendoza through volunteering, returning as guest lecturers or serving on committees that determine the direction of many of the College’s programs
  • RECRUITMENT AND ADMISSIONS — ensuring that the graduate business programs attract the best talent.
  • CAREER DEVELOPMENT — creating programs and ways to help our experienced alumni cultivate their careers and seek out new opportunities. 

The work that the Graduate Alumni Board does is in the spirit of serving you, our alumni, and it has been impactful and incredibly rewarding. If you want to give back to Mendoza, or simply seeking to fill that need to belong, I encourage you to become involved with the Graduate Alumni Relations. There are many ways to participate: Become a board member, help at admissions events, act as a social media ambassador, donate to JCOS or hire students. The strength of Notre Dame and the good that it will continue to do is forged through the collective bond that unites us all. Our alumni.


Andrew Kahl
Chairman, Graduate Alumni Board
Mendoza College of Business
University of Notre Dame