New Faculty

The Mendoza College has enjoyed record undergraduate enrollments in recent years, which in turn has led to even greater demand for classes. Added to that is the increasing public interest in research and expertise that can both explain the complexities of business and offer informed perspectives about what the future holds.

In response to these needs, the College filled 14 open faculty positions this year, the largest number of new faculty members joining the College in the past decade. They represent all four academic departments—accountancy, finance, management and marketing—and bring the total faculty number to 123. Their vitas comprise a rich cross-section of professional experience and academic study, including Finance Professor Martijn Cremers, a prolific researcher as well as the originator of a mutual funds measurement tool that already is utilized by the finance industry.

Walter Clements
Full Professional Specialist, Finance
Managing partner for Orion Consulting Group; actively involved in employee recruitment and development

Martijn Cremers
Professor, Finance
Research: investments, corporate governance and sovereign wealth; created Active Share, a measure of mutual fund management used by Morningstar Direct, FactSet and other financial institutions

Priyank Ganhi
Assistant Professor, Finance
Research: financial intermediaries, credit risk, computational finance, liquidity and its effects on asset prices, and contagion risk

Frank Germann
Assistant Professor, Marketing
Research: marketing strategy; specifically how marketing assets and marketing actions influence firm performance

Sean Handley
Assistant Professor, Management
Research: outsourcing, global sourcing, supply chain risk and the management of inter-organizational relationships

Lin Hao
Assistant Professor, Management
Research: mobile commerce, electronic commerce, pricing in electronic markets and business analytics

Bruce Harris
Assistant Professional Specialist, Management
Research: health-care computer system implementation and managing hospital computer system operations

Jia (Jasmine) Hu
Assistant Professor, Management
Research: leader-follower relationships, the role of leadership in work teams, and human resource management practices

Jennifer Sustersic
Assistant Professor, Accountancy
Research: financial reporting and the credit markets, corporate governance and accounting fraud/irregularities, with a current focus on credit default swaps (CDSs)

Jennifer Waddell
Associate Professional Specialist, Management
Research: interpersonal interactions, gender dynamics, evaluating evidence of teaching effectiveness and quantitative methodology

Michael Whitt
Associate Professional Specialist, Management
Vice president, chief technology officer of medical device startup, Cordex Systems, which has developed a noninvasive early detection method for cardiovascular disease. Holder of four medical device patents

Jim Wilkie
Assistant Professor, Marketing
Research: environmental influences on consumer behavior

Kaitlin Wowak
Visiting Instructor, Management
Expertise: supply chain risks and disruptions, with a specialty in product recalls in the food industry

Jennifer Ziegler
Associate Teaching Professor, Management
Research: the rhetoric and culture of accident investigation, recovery and renewal in high-risk occupations, particularly wilderness firefighting